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Trip Info

We are THE TRAVEL BAG, an adult only travel experience group that plans the ultimate travel experience for every type of traveler.


Our trips are catered to the young black couple, the fun single and everyone in between!


This specific trip is Cancun in June, our first co-ed trip open to ALL. What happens in Cancun is YOUR business! We just want YOU to a have a



  • Flights are not included. We suggest using Google flights and track your flight for the best deal or Hopper.

  • You do not need to be vaccinated to enter Cancun.

  • Bring cash and download a currency converter. Some places do offer cards.

  • Google translate is your friend in any situation where language is an issue.

  • We are staying at an all inclusive adult only resort. Food and drinks (including alcohol is included at the resort).

  • You do need a test to get back into the U.S. We have a plug for that.

  • Itinerary is laid out for everyone that has a party pass. If you don’t have one and just want to come to Cancun no worries. However, we can only guarantee spots for people who have one.

  • If you’re boring stay home.

  • Seriously, stay home.

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